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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


How Long Have I been Quilting?

Who are my Clients?

How am I different from other Quilt Artists?

Personality of my clients

Results you can expect and How Quick?

Return Policy

Commission Work




How long have you been quilting and how did you get to be a Quilt Artist?

I have been quilting since 1988. I started making bed quilts for family and friends – until I had made everyone a quilt. BUT, I still needed to make quilts. In 2009 I made a quilt with no intended recipient. I realized I NEEDED to make quilts as an artistic outlet. I was going to start amassing quilts and decided to start a business to sell quilts – this is how KaleidoQuilt was born. I wanted to make a wide variety of quilts, learning new techniques as I went along. I decided the best way to do this was make smaller sized quilts (wall hangings) so I could finish them quicker. This has become Quilt Art. I now create quilts for artistic beauty rather than practicality. My quilts are unique and the owners of my quilts feel special for having chosen the art work and displaying the art work in their home/office space.


Who are your clients exactly?

My clients are Unique Individuals. They identify with unique products to show the world who they are. The people who purchase my quilts know the POWER of color. They have great taste in color and quality. They realize they are getting a one-of-a-kind work of art that is hand made in the USA (meaning these are not mass-produced). These people may not be comfortable with a huge change of color to a room, but appreciate the versatility of Quilt Art and the way it “Pops” when you look at it. Many of my clients like the “whimsical” nature of my art. Basically, the art make them feel special. Art also makes a great gift!


How are you different from other Quilt Artists?

Well, every artist has a mission, a "WHY" they create their art. My mission is to fill the world with more bold, beautiful colors! My recipients, like me, enjoy the eye candy and know we have chosen a unique item to display our unique tastes. My Quilt Art is my own. I either use my own design – or if using a traditional design – change it up to make it my own. I am in love with colors and my quilts “Pop” when you look at them. There is nothing boring about my quilts – these aren't your grandma's quilts!


What type of personality do you work best with and what is expected of them?

I work best with people that trust that I know what I am doing and appreciate the artist and the art work they have come to love. They are a Unique individual who likes unique things in their lives. They understand the POWER of color in their lives and want to FEEL that every day when admiring a piece of art. They follow their heart when making a purchase or ordering a commission.


For what type of person is this NOT going to work?

Someone looking for a bed quilt. Sorry, I am an artist and "burnt out" on bed quilts a long time ago. (I will, however, teach YOU how to make your own bed quilt that you can cherish and love or give away. I have machines and tools to get you there and I will hold your hand every step of the way!)

Someone that likes living in a "Vanilla World" where all they surround themselves with is Egg Shell White. I can't make a piece that doesn't have COLOR in it. Neutrals don't do it for me.


What results can I expect?

A unique piece of art that will get attention and start conversations. A quality piece guaranteed to “Pop” when you look at it. Art work that you can admire every day. A piece that will emotionally speak to you every time you look at it.


How quickly can I expect results?

You can purchase a quilt at any of the shows I attend immediately or you can order a quilt on-line. I can ship within a few days of the order.

Commission work will depend on the size, complexity and my availability. Once I start working on your piece it will pretty much be the only thing I work on until it is done. Quilt art takes time - on the order of months.


What is your return policy for a purchased quilt?

You can return a quilt up to 14 days after the purchase/ship date. The quilt must be in the same high quality condition it was when it was shipped to you. Refunds will be issued after quilt has been returned.

Commissions have different policies at different stages of the process and is spelled out in the Commissons Contract.


Do you make commission work?

In my quilt guilds we often do "Challenge" quilts set to a certain theme. There are guidelines and deadlines to follow. I really have enjoyed the Challenge quilts. A commission is like a Challenge quilt. Yes, I do take on a limited number of commissions each year. I do this so I have quality time to devote to each commission and still have time to make my own art work. Let's talk...




  • What kind of Commission work do you do?

I am an artist so I do ART QUILTS. Although you may place your quilts anywhere you want, my art work is meant to be viewed. Many of my pieces have decorative accessories (like crystals) that may not be "cuddly". Most of my quilts are machine washable, but may not hold up to constant wear and tear. I am not a landscape or portrait artist. I am more abstract and geometric. I do not make T-shirt quilts (but will hold your hand and show YOU how to make your own). If you like my art work, let me make you something from my skill set. You may have input on colors, style and size, but I will have artistic license over the piece - it's what I do and why you came to me.


If I have questions regarding a quilt purchase or commission can I contact you?

Yes, absolutely! Visit the Web site for more info at www.KaleidoQuilt.com, e-mail me at KaleidoQuilt@gmail.com or call me at 508-435-0335. CONTACT me.


Would you like to PURCHASE a quilt?


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