"I LOVE my quilts and feel PROUD when I look at them."

Class Description


Seasonal Class - Each season there is a special class held. This is a one time class.

Spring - Four of Hearts. This is a 2-day class (8 hours). Suitable for a Confident Beginner. We will make an 18" X 18" wall hanging.

PRICE $175.00 - Go to PURCHASE CLASS Page

Sewing Machine Rental - You are free to bring your own machine to class. YOU must know how to use it and it MUST have a manual. I know how to use MY machines. I can not repair machines. If you are not confident about using your own machine, I highly suggest using one of mine. I have portable Kenmore Sewing Machines (various models) that can be rented for my classes ONLY! You can not take these machines home or to another class. Rental covers entire class (if more than a one day class) and includes Sewing Needles and Bobbins.

PRICE $30.00 - Go to PURCHASE CLASS Page

If you have your own machine and feel it is in need of repair or a tune up, I highly recommend Charlton Sewing Center in Charlton, MA. Cathy Racine is the queen of machine parts and repair. I take all my machines to her!

At present I am not offering group classes. If you have a group and would like a class I can set one up. Contact me. I can offer one-on-one classes at your house or my studio for an hourly rate. Contact me.

Crazy Quilt - This 2-day class (4 hours each day) is for the Confident Beginner quilter who has a basic knowledge of sewing and rotary cutting (Good pre-requisite is the Quilted Fabric Postcard Class.) We will make a 31" X 31" (baby size) quilt that looks complicated but is actually VERY forgiving and does not require meticulous sewing and cutting skills. No matching points. If you still need help picking out your fabric, contact me and we will do it together. PRICE $200.00 - Go to PURCHASE CLASS Page

See Crazy Quilt Video- Click Here

Reverse Applique - This is a one day class (5 hours).This technique is for the intermediate quilter. Someone who is comfortable sewing and rotary cutting. We will be using Iron On Fusible Web in this class. This technique is so useful. Once you learn how it is done, you can make any design, any size you want. Very Versatile tool here!

PRICE $100.00 - Go to PURCHASE CLASS Page

Quilted Fabric Postcard -  This class is for the novice - someone who has never been in a fabric store, never touched a sewing machine, never rotary cut. This is a 3-part class (2-days long). If you need a sewing machine you can rent one here (see below).

1. There will be a field trip to a fabric store (~ 2 hours) to discuss materials and tools. You will pick out and purchase material for this class project.

2. A classroom portion (5 hours) that will include the anatomy of a sewing machine and how to rotary cut.

3. To practice on these skills, the class project will be a Quilted Fabric 4" X 6" Postcard (that can be sent to a friend through the US Postal Service).

PRICE (for class) $150.00 - Go to PURCHASE CLASS Page

YES You CAN Do This!

On the 8th day God created Sewing Machines and it was good. then He said, "Lil, go forth and teach people how to quilt". And so it is...


I have a passion for quilting and love to teach people of any level how to quilt. I am especially thrilled to inspire "newbies" - folks that have never touched a sewing machine before - to quilt. I teach a variety of classes - including classes for beginners and I provide everything (except the material and thread).


My goal is to teach a technique in each class that will allow you to go home and make your own quilts - one class - a life time of quilting. I also make the classes so that each project is finished in class time - allowing the student to feel proud and accomplished in this technique.

Supply Kits (Included with the class) - I have supply kits with various sewing tools and notions to be used in my classes ONLY. You can not take these kits home or to another class. A kit includes:
Seam Ripper, Large and Small Scissors, Rotary, Cutter, Cleaning Brush, Sewing Feet, Sewing Machine Needles, Needle Threader, Screw Drivers, Quilting Pins and Magnetic Pin Holder, Tape Measure, Sewing Machine Bobbins (Class 15 Metal), 3" X 3" Square Ruler, Thimble, Variety of hand sewing needles, Magnetic Seam Guide.
Not all tools will be needed in each class. I highly recommend everyone use my tools so we will all be using the same thing and I know it is exactly what we need for the class.

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