About Me

I am Passionate about Quilting and 30+ years proves it!

I am currently in 2 quilt guilds:

RIMQG - Rhode Island Modern Quilt Guild - RIModernQuiltGuild.com

TPQG - Thimble Pleasures Quilt Guild - ThimblePleasures.org

My Mission Statement:

To The Connoisseur:

I make quilts that "POP" when you look at them. I provide you a colorful way to decorate. I make quality, unique, one-of-a-kind quilts that people will notice. Made in the USA. Very versatile: Hang on walls, furniture, table tops or use as a blanket. Makes a great gift!



To the Adventurer:

I challenge you to get out of your electronics/TV and use your mind and hands to create a beautiful, usable piece of art. I will guide you and hold your hand...Yes YOU CAN DO THIS!

I teach techniques that can be used over and over again. One class - a lifetime of quilts.

You will have a finished project at the end of every class - no UFO's (Unfinished Objects)!


I started quilting in 1988 using the "Quilt In A Day" quilt book by Eleanor Burns (Thank you Tina Stevens for loaning it to me). This was a good starting place and I made several Log Cabin style quilts until I got really tired of them. From then on, I would see a quilt and figure out how to make them myself. My engineering background and love of colors meld together perfectly for quilting. I strive to make something new and exciting to the eye that will "POP" when you look at it. I have a keen eye for “Connecting Colors” - as my tag line says!


In October 2011 I decided to take my hobby and make it a business – KaleidoQuilt. I work out of my home. I have turned my concentration over to quilting as an art form. It is my way to express myself with color combinations, shapes and fancy stitching.

I get bored making the same thing over and over, so I have made a wide variety of quilts. I like the challenge of something new and discovering how to most easily and effectively make the quilt project. Through this journey I have found many quilts that suit many different skill levels. Many "complicated" looking quilts really aren't. I have a talent to break down the most complicated instructions or quilt patterns and explain them to anyone.


I have a passion for color and for teaching people how to use color in combination to create beautiful works of Quilt Art. "The World Needs More Color!" I lived in many apartments in my life where all the walls were "Egg Shell" White. I swore I would never have White (or almost "white") walls in my house - EVER! I challenge those of you who are a little scared to take the "Paint the Walls a COLOR" challenge.


If you can't or don't want to paint, add color to your room with quilt art! It's versatile and easily changed with the seasons or your mood. And, even if you've never sewn before, you can make your own masterpiece to display and enjoy.


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If I can answer any questions about my Quilt Art or my classes, please don't hesitate to CONTACT me. I look forward to working with you.

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